Top 5 Mindful Ways to Diminish Anxiety Attacks

Feb 27, 2024

Navigating the waves of an anxiety attack requires not just immediate interventions (see #1) but also a long-term mindfulness strategy (see #2 and #5).

From grounding physical techniques to leveraging the power of digital tools like BreathPlayer throughout your day, incorporating mindfulness into each step can significantly enhance the effectiveness of these tools. Here’s a mindful approach manage anxiety attacks, ensuring each method resonates deeply with the principles of mindfulness.

1. Mindful Cooling: The Head in Freezer Technique

A wave of anxiety can be quelled through yes, placing your head in the freezer. This technique isn’t just about the shock of cold but about mindfully observing the sudden shift in your body’s sensations. The cold distracts the mind, allowing you to practice mindfulness by focusing fully on the present moment and sensation, thereby interrupting the cycle of panic.

2. BreathPlayer: A Mindful Breathing Guide

BreathPlayer defines mindfulness breathing in the digital age, designed to guide you through anxiety with breath-focused exercises, which encourage a mindful connection with your breath, through sound and music, to make you more aware of your breath. Through regular use, a regular breathing practice, with or without BreathPlayer, cultivates a mindful approach to breathing that can be a powerful ally during anxiety attacks.

3. Screaming and yelling…mindfully

Recording yourself while yelling or screaming offers a unique opportunity to combine vocal expression with mindfulness. This practice isn’t about the noise itself but about observing your emotions and reactions without judgment as you express them. It’s a mindful release of pent-up energy, allowing for a reflective and cathartic experience that can lessen the grip of an anxiety attack.

4. Walking

Walking isn’t just physical exercise; it’s a mobile meditation. By consciously focusing on the movement of your body and the sensation of each step, you transform a simple walk into a mindful practice. This not only diverts your mind from anxiety but also grounds you in the present moment, utilizing mindfulness to stabilize your emotional state.

5. Deepening Mindfulness with BreathPlayer’s Advanced Features

Beyond its basic functionality, BreathPlayer offers advanced mindfulness modules specifically designed to deepen your connection with the present moment through guided breathing. Whether it’s Tap, Slide or Belly mode, Triangle or Box Breathing, or even Breathing Affirmations…These features are tailored to foster a musical and mindful approach to anxiety. By using Breath Player throughout your day, you cultivate a stronger, more resilient mental outlook capable of withstanding anxiety attacks.


Each of these strategies offers a path to manage anxiety attacks through the lens of mindfulness. By integrating mindful practices like those facilitated by BreathPlayer, you’re not just addressing the symptoms of anxiety but also nurturing a profound sense of presence and awareness that can transform your response to stress.

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